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About The Katz Meow Shows
ItzTheKatzMeow Duluth Minnesota

I've been participating in craft shows since I was 16 and as time went on, I found it increasingly difficult to get into shows because I, "wasn't on the coordinator's list".  As a result of this problem, 9 years ago I created The Katz Meow Shows so I could help vendors, mostly crafters get out there and sell what they create.  The Katz Meow Shows is not even a business, but a way for individuals to associate with me and the shows I coordinate. 

If you are a Facebook user, this is the best way to find out the latest information about the shows I coordinate, just use the link below.

The Little Things
Not trying to be the biggest
Not for profit

An a participant in my own shows, I want to make money too.  I do not profit from the shows I run.  Monies collected for shows I run go to hall rental, advertising, insurance and any other fees associated with running a show

Because it's fun

I'm just trying to run nice small to medium-sized well organized shows that have much variety and that connect talented, hard-working individuals with opportunities

Coordinating and putting a show together is hard work.  It involves many many hours of preparation, but it's rewarding and fun too.

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